Creating inclusive, welcoming workplaces that embrace diversity and have smart ideas and strategies on how best to appreciate that diversity, are better able and equipped to deal with the future. In this short course we look to unpack and understand the challenges and benefits of a diverse workplace. Together, we will look below the surface dynamics at how companies, teams and leaders are creating and managing an inclusive space and place of work.

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  • Explore the reality of diversity in the workplace
  • Discover unconscious bias and it's impact on behaviour
  • Analyse microaggression and possible ways to overcome them
  • Explore the requirements to build an inclusive and diverse culture and workplace
  • Integrate and connect key concepts of diversity and inclusion

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module 1

Diversity & Inclusion at Work



  1. A shifting world of work

    In today's world diversity is real, complex, multifaceted and therefor unavoidable. Journey with us, as we look at the concept of diversity in the workplace how it has changed over the years and how to leverage the benefits of diversity.

  2. The discourse of diversity

    Let's consider the power of discourse and narrative and how it can construct a social reality, creating an inclusive or exclusive environment.

  3. Explore unconscious bias

    We explore the idea of unconscious bias, the stereotypes and associations we hold deep in our consciousness that drives our behaviour.

  4. Microaggression, the undetected driver

    Microaggressions are nefarious in nature, subtle, easy to overlook and difficult to address. In this lesson we delve into microaggression, what it is, how to become aware of it and how to overcome it for the purpose of creating a diverse and inclusive workplace.

  5. Building an inclusive organisation culture

    Diverse teams are less likely to conform, but rather through debate, challenge ideas, creativity and innovation positively improve organisational performance. In this lesson we unpack the power of difference.

  6. Leveraging diversity through leadership

    Good teams need good leaders and effective leadership can make or break the success of a team and ultimately a workforce and an organisation. we unpack the importance of leadership within an organisation. Let's consider the key competencies required to create a thriving diverse workplace and consider the challenges faced by leaders and organisations.

  7. Building an inclusive organisational culture

    Companies with a strong, engaging and appealing organisational culture can pull in the talent they need, get that talent to work hard for them and get that talent to stay. This lesson is all about the power and pervasiveness of organisational culture and how it's a driving force in inclusivity. We also share hints to identify things that hinder diversity and inclusivity and provide support on how to move forward in building an inclusive and diverse culture.

  8. Trends and new ideas in diversity and inclusion

    The world of work and the management of people who make up the labour force can no longer simply exist with a mindset that employees are not different from one another, or that diversity is not a complex issue. Creating inclusive, welcoming workplaces that really embrace diversity, is key to strengthening a company’s bottom-line and reputation.

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